A Manifesto for Latino-themed Film

“Latino-themed Film” is a term that encompasses the presence of characters, conflicts, plots, environment and settings, in Latino cinema that is made available to viewing audiences in commercial, art-house, film festivals and educational environments.

Expanding the Latino Perspective Through Cinema

The term “Latino-themed Film” is an expansive description used to provoke and inspire the expansion of Latino stories in media. It is of great urgency that the LATINO PERSPECTIVE, as presented in media and mainstream film, be EXPANDED to include unique, true-to-life portrayals of Latinos, in order to chip away at bandied clichés that are of the limited Latino presence in the media content of the United States.

Through a respect for both rising and expanding National media content, as well as an appreciation for International Latino filmmakers and film projects (of Latin American countries and beyond), the American market will soon become flooded with new, eye-opening visions of “What it means to be Latino”, as well as discover its own unique “Latinos of the USA Voices”.

As the fastest-growing and largest ethnic group in the United States–exceeding 50 million in 2011, Latinos have an urgent and important responsibility to speak up and make themselves better represented in mass media. Through sharing new stories that unsettle the current portrayals of Latinos in movies and film, filmmakers and advocates can expand the cross-cultural exchange. The LFF seeks to fill the gaps and join the links towards accomplishing a common understanding which benefits not only Latinos, but the global community: Latino-themed stories hold an invaluable place in the American culture, as well as in the foundation of the world.

We Must Work Together

Encouraging Latinos to enter the Arts, as well as invite new “border” (ethnically mixed) cultural voices, both male and female, to share their unique experiences, observations and imaginative visions of the world, is how we will make a change in the Who, What and Why of Film. The Latino Film Fund believes change must permeate into narrative, documentary and mixed media cinematic storytelling. It is through combining our forces as individuals, organizations and mediamakers who care, encouraging cross-cultural exchange amongst cultural diversity and encouraging an open and safe forum through which to exchange ideas, thoughts and passions, that a true expansion of the Latino perspective in media will be achieved.

What makes the Latino Film Fund unique?

The Latino Film Fund doesn’t discriminate upon the race or ethnic background of filmmakers and mediamakers. We observe the world as a melting pot of cultures and identify every artist’s voice to be made up of unique experiences– familial heritage, environment, birthplace, travel, knowledge and influences. We believe the filmmakers that deserve support are the ones with vision, passion, desire and a relentless work ethic to bring their ideas and film projects to fruition. Our desire is to encourage individuals of all backgrounds to tell stories for the cinema that can expand the Latino perspective.