Grants with Provisions for Sources of Funding

The Fiscal Sponsorship (Applications for Grants with Provisions for Sources of Funding) program serves the independent producers or filmmakers who are seeking funding for Latino-themed projects that represent the organization’s mission statement. The Latino Film Fund will review, select and consequently sponsor film projects, allowing them to apply to grant programs that stipulate in their funding guidelines that the recipient have nonprofit status under 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. In such cases The Latino Film Fund can use its nonprofit status to receive and administer grants, gifts and donations that are made in the name of the project.

If requested, The Latino Film Fund can also offer production support to participating film projects, which may include focused assistance in fundraising, production, creative development and more.

The Latino Film Fund requires a film project and its representatives participate in an application process for sponsorship selection. Contact us via email to request an application for program consideration.

More information in regards to donations provided to the Latino Film Fund by individuals, organizations and/or governmental agencies.

More information on the LFF Pattern of Conduct with regards to Donor Control of funds received.

Grantees and Grantors providing and/or receiving funds to/from the Latino Film Fund be informed and notified.

The Latino Film Fund Administrative Fee is 5%.

The Latino Film Fund accepts proposals year-round.


An Introduction to the LFF Fiscal Sponsorship Program
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