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CASTING: Locate the Next Rising Star

Most of you screenwriters, directors and producers of Latino-themed films want to cast more Latinos in movies and the performing arts. While someday you won’t have to source specialty agencies or online databases to find undiscovered Latino talent, today you just might need to. Until there is an equal representation of Latino talent in the media,… Continue Reading

Michael Peña in TOWER HEIST

Don’t miss Michael Peña in Brett Ratner’s TOWER HEIST, released today in theatres. Read an interview with actor Peña at Complex:

Studios Identifying Hispanic Audiences as VIABLE

Excerpted from “Studios try to ‘crack the code’ on Latino moviegoers” (CNN Entertainment) The Hispanic demographic is far from homogenous, consisting of various nationalities, levels of acculturation and language preference, which affect both the development of movies targeting the group as well as the way studios try to market so-called mainstream films. (Continued Excerpt) As… Continue Reading