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A Filmmaker’s Resolutions for 2012

2012 has dropped into our lap and January shall soon pass us by. While it’s still early in the first month of the new year, we urge you to designate the time to not only outline your personal resolutions for the year, but also your FILMMAKER RESOLUTIONS for 2012, if you haven’t already. More often… Continue Reading

Huffington Post & NBC Go Latino

To date, 2011 has brought with it big changes in the media market producing targeted content for Latinos. In August, Huffington Post launched Latino Voices, offering “an authentic Hispanic American perspective on current events and cultural trends from the U.S., Central and South America, Europe, and around the globe. From politics,immigration and education, to culture, celebrity,… Continue Reading

LFF Fiscal Sponsorship Program

The Latino Film Fund Fiscal Sponsorship Program is fast on its way to becoming the finest Fiscal Sponsorship Program in the world.  We would like to share the basics of how the Latino Film Fund Fiscal Sponsorship program works, and how the program could assist you and your film’s team in the development and/or completion… Continue Reading

LATINO THEMES – What are yours?

We Love You, Miles Morales

“My brain couldn’t fully process the revelation: Spider-Man was . . . just like me?” Freelance writer David Betancort, for the Washington Post, was stunned when he learned the news: The New Ultimate Spider-Man, “who will have the almost impossible task of replacing the late Peter Parker, easily one of Marvel Comics most popular characters — took… Continue Reading