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the Finnish Film Foundation’s inspiring lead

As reported today by VARIETY’S Nick Holdsworth, the Finnish Film Foundation has just granted approximately 2.5 million dollars in support to select professional Finnish films. Based in Helsinki, this independent organization is supervised by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and under the agreement of the “Act on the Promotion of Film Art” can receive… Continue Reading

Antonin Artaud, A Love Triangle & Chilean Cinema in “DRAMA”

Congratulations to Chile’s Matias Lira, who will be screening his directorial debut feature film “DRAMA” (Produced by Lira/ Written by Eliseo Altunaga, Sebastián Arrauin and Lira) in Park City at Slamdance 2011. Indiewire’s Sydney Levine of “SydneysBuzz” helps cover the story HERE, but the LFF hopes to gather more information on this film and filmmaker… Continue Reading

ASALTO AL CINE/THE CINEMA HOLD-UP playing at Sundance 2011

Stay tuned for the first feature film by Mexican director Iria Gomez Concheiro, premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2011. The film continues to explore themes of rebellious youth and the “gritty boundary between adolescence and adulthood” that Gomez Concheiro touched on in her successful short film DIME LO QUE SIENTES/TELL ME WHAT YOU FEEL, an… Continue Reading

How can we expand the US market for Latino films?

“The U.S. market for Latin American cinema remains small and distributing films from that region is a challenge despite the country’s large Hispanic population, several U.S. producers taking part in the Havana Film Festival said Friday.” “Referring to the distribution of Latin American films in the United States, it is “very strange” that more films… Continue Reading

Welcome to the all-new LFF Blog!

The Latino Film Fund is proud to bring you innovative news in Latino cinema, including thought-provoking interviews, artful articles, not-to-be-missed screenings and more. We seek to explore complex topics surrounding Latino cinema, including portrayals of Latino stories, thematic boundaries and rising talents in the field. Please feel free to contact us if you have a… Continue Reading