Calling all Latino American or Latin American filmmakers!

Do you have a film that you want to tell that takes risks and could be well-suited for the television format?

If so, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about another distribution outlet through which you can produce and share your personal screen stories:

This year’s deadline for the Diversity Development Fund (DDF) falls on September 7th.

On Thursday, August 23 at 1PM PT / 4PM ET, ITVS Programming Coordinator N’Jeri Eaton will be taking questions from interested applicants in a live chat on the ITVS Beyond the Box Blog.

The DDF provides up to $15,000 in research and development funding to independent producers of color to develop single documentary programs for public television. Projects should speak to the ITVS mission to serve underserved audiences with programs that take creative risks, explore complex issues, inspire dialogue and express points of view seldom seen on commercial or public television.

Funded activities may include travel, research, script development, preliminary production for
fundraising/work-in-progress reels, or other early phase activities.

DDF accepts:

  • Projects that have not yet begun production
  • Programs that can become eligible for ITVS production funding initiatives as single programs of standard broadcast length (half-hour or one-hour). In rare cases ITVS will consider feature-length programs.

DDF does not accept:

  • Proposals for completed projects seeking distribution
  • Series proposals or fictional dramas
  • Projects intended solely for theatrical release


Photo Caption: Screen grab from Waiting For The Revolution (Rodrigo Vazquez, Director; Don Edkins & Mette Heide,Producers); playing on Global Voices now. Learn more about this film.