The Latino Film Fund provides Seed Grants to competitively-selected Latino-themed film projects that further the LFF’s mission to expand the Latino perspective as presented through cinema. The 2012 LATINO FILM FUND SEED GRANT cycle is now open and accepting applications.

What does it mean to “Expand the Latino Perspective” and how do I know if my film project qualifies?

All film projects submitted must be “Latino-themed.” “Latino-themed Film” is a term that encompasses the presence of characters, conflicts, plots, environment and settings in Latino cinema that is made available to viewing audiences in commercial, art-house, film festivals and educational environments. Both short and full-length feature films are accepted for consideration.

What types of film projects can apply?

Both narrative and documentary films are considered for the LFF grant program. The projects we seek are well-crafted film projects, which present unique, true-to-life Latino stories. We will consider fictional stories and films about real-life issues taking place in the United States or internationally. Films can be in development, pre-production or production. We request that films have not completed principal photography by the date of the application deadline.

Do I have to be Latino/Hispanic/Latin American to apply?

No. Filmmakers of all ethnic backgrounds are urged to apply; it is not a requirement that the project’s filmmakers be of Latin American descent. Applicants may live abroad. Also, the film project may be produced in the United States or outside of the U.S.A.

What is the application process?

The LFF requires an application process to ensure applicants are committed to the success of the proposed film project. The postmark deadline for the 2012 Seed Grant is Friday, August 3, 2012. Do not wait until the last minute to apply, as the application includes both Written and Visual Materials. The Visual Materials portion of the application is a <1-minute “Video Pitch” that should present one or more of the project’s filmmakers conveying the following: 1. What is the essence of your story and what makes your film Latino? 2. How does your film align with the mission statement of the Latino Film Fund? Because filmmaking is a visual medium, we encourage filmmakers to be as creative as possible when executing the <1-minute “Video Pitch,” as the pitch will be considered an example of the filmmakers’ potential to execute a film project.

How many films will receive a grant and how much is it?

The LFF decides it’s granting amount depending on the pool of projects considered. Granting will be provided to up to two (2) film projects, although in our first grant cycle of 2011, one (1) film received the entirety of the grant of $2,000.00 USD. The amount of the 2012 grant(s) is not finalized but the total grant sum disbursed will be on average at, or slightly above, the total grant sum disbursed in 2011.

What does being a LFF Seed Grant Recipient require?

The LFF only asks Grant Recipients to include the logo of the LFF organization in the closing titles of the completed picture. Otherwise, our financial support of your project is only the beginning of our assistance to you and the successful completion of your film. In addition to providing your film a USD payment, winning projects receive promotion, any development and production-related guidance we can provide, as well as an automatic inclusion into our Fiscal Sponsorship program, if participants request such.

Learn more about the Latino Film Film Seed Grant Program by visiting our <Seed Grants> page, where you may download an application, as well as review <FAQs> to assist you with your application.